PickUp and Delivery

David’s Dry Cleaners Commitment to Quality Cleaning and Excellence at No Extra Cost

David’s Dry Cleaners Route Service saves you time and money and takes all the hassle out of keeping your wardrobe in tip top shape.

Just fill out our easy sign-up form, tell us how you like your garments delivered and any other special instructions.  You deposit all your clothes in one of our personal laundry bags, provided by David’s, and leave it in a prearranged drop point at your home or office.  

We’ll pick it up!   Three days later, we deliver your freshly pressed garments, along with the bags, from our environmentally safe, modern facility, right to you.  Your home or office will be serviced twice a week. 

You don’t have to be around to pay the driver with our convenient statement billing.  

Let David’s Dry Cleaners Save You Time & Money with our FREE Pickup & Delivery Service!

Take advantage of this FREE direct-to-your-door service TODAY!  

Call (912) 925-7301 or email route@davidsdrycleaners.com for more information.

You can also fill out this easy form to sign up for route service and we will get in touch with you!  

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